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      用心生物科技有限公司是经营生物基材料研发,生物化工产品技术研发以及相关产品销售,并开展相关技术和产品进出口,进出口代理的综合性研发、生产、出口企业。公司是一家生物基材研发、生物化工产品研发及化妆品、医美产品、医用产品出口销售的专业公司。  公司联合日本知名医疗机构在皮肤科领域取得了多项专利。

      Heart Biotechnology (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd is a company which focusing on  biochemistry R & D and production sales, it also has the business of import and export of related technologies and products.The company is a professional company engaged in research and development of biological base materials, research and development of biochemical products, and export and sales of cosmetics, medical products and medical products. The company has jointly obtained several patents in dermatology with well-known Japanese medical institutions.


Company: Heart Biotechnology (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd

Phone: 021-61713773 

E-mail: marketing@hearthealthing.com

Address: In Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, B107 is located on the south side of Ningheng Highway on the west side of the same third line of Zhonghe Street

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